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Brief Introduction of Women’s Studies Center

in Hunan Business College


I.Name: Women’s Studies Center in Hunan Business College

mailto: www38hn@126.com

II.The Research Institution:

Director   Luo Xiaoge
Vice Director  Qin Xiaohong

Staff  Form









Deputy Director













III. Regulations of the Center:

1.It should accept the professional guidance of the scientific research administrative department of HBC, implement director's responsibility system, and manage according to the normal system. Having 1 director, 1 deputy director, main members of the center are all the relevant experts and teaching organizers of the college, and specially engages the relevant staffs of cooperative unit.


2.It implements open management, which carries out the principle of the project research institution management, affiliates to the Chinese Language Department , opens to the whole college. All participates in the management, research and teaching of the centre are all members of the centre.


3. The funds is raised independently, and only for its specified purpose, mainly including investigations, achievement publish and construction of campus cultural course.


4.The center runs in line with the relevant regulations of HBC, and accepts supervision from the college financial, auditing office.


IV.Main Research Direction:
Women's Study;

Chinese Classical Literature and Women Study;

Women’s Write and Women in Chu Local place in ancient China;

Women’s Study and Manpower Resources Management;

Women’s Study and Economics;

Women’s Study and Folk Art.


V.Basic Introduction:

1.Research work:

According to the requirements of Higher education in the 21st century: World Declaration, Requirement of looking forward to and acting (which is declared by UNESCO in October of 1998): We should regard gender study (women study ) as a knowledge with significant importance to the reform of higher education and society, we offer elective course—Women’s Study among all students of HBC. This is the first time in Hunan higher education to list gender study in ordinary elective course that the credit system educate needs. Since being established in February of 2002, Women's Studies Center in HBC carries out the principle of the project research institution management, which affiliates to the Chinese Language Department, opens to the whole college, and which has presided over several scientific research projects above provincial and ministerial level. It carries mainly on the following research work:


(1)It Promotes " women study " to Jiangsu Province, Guangxi Autonomous Region, Hunan province etc, being appointed as teaching or training material of Gender Study by some universities and Woman Federation system.


(2)It offers course that "Gender/Women Study", and makes nearly 100,000 words of multimedia courseware itself. It is the first time to give such course in Hunan province, so is paid attention to by every large major media. It edited "Women Study" and promoted the class-teaching of ¡°Gender Study¡± into higher education of Hunan province jointly. It can be expected that we will work jointly with the publishing house and Woman Federation in Changsha to popularize Women Study in the basic unit of Women's Federation in Changsha in recent years. Meanwhile we will cooperate with relevant units to train teachers, and make teaching CDs or VCDs. According to the research results of QQ net, there are more than 2300 relevant reports, comments and quotes in domestic newspapers, magazines and website.

(3)Promote teaching with scientific research.

Preside over the subjects:

In2002-2003, Subject of Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, "Changes of Contemporary Young Women's Ethics and Moral Concept", finished.

In 2003,preside over the subject of Hunan social science funds--"women’s book and women in ChuDi", subsidized project, serial number:03YB108.

In 2003, one of the 6th college supporting subjects of teaching research and reform University students' educational demand of sex ".


2.Publication works:

Luo Xiaoge presided over the edition of  Women's Studies which amounts to 280,000 words, is published by the publishing house of Hunan University in August of 2004,and which filled in the blank field of the native teaching textbook on women study. It is not only a new scientific research subject, but also a new course, which is characterized by original, localized, popularized, and comprehensive academic, and which reached the domestic advanced level. In October of 2004, Luo Xiaoge’s treatise, Women Book and Women in ChuDi  was published by Beijing Jiuzhou Publishing House. In 2000, a series From women’s angle, edited by Luo XiaoGe, was published by the publishing house of Hunan Normal University.


3.Guidance on the students' social practice activities:

Instructs students how to participate in the scientific research tasks and social investigation. So far, we have already organized students to investigate the university students on the realization of gender, granted questionnaire 3000 sheets. Instructs students to finish more than 300 social survey reports. Guides students  social work in women’s book village(a village in Jiang Yong), and has finished nearly 50 news pictures,25,000 words of interview records and 1 thematic video. Instructs university student associations to organize the campus cultural activities.

VI.Exchange and Cooperation With Others:

1.From October 10 to November in 2004, Luo XiaoGe was invited to visit and speech in the Study and Service Center of Chinese University in Hong Kong. The speech topic was: Womens writ, the remain female characters in ChuDi(a local place in ancient China).

2.On November 12 2004,Li Xiaojiang of   Director of Gender Study Center in Dalian university , chief professor gave a lecture in HBC. The topic was: Higher education and gender system in different culture background.


3.On July 28 2005, the director, Luo XiaoGe , participated in the networking meeting of  National Gender Study, which was undertaken by the Women¡¯s Study Center of Tianjin Normal University and Fudan-Michian Gender Study Institute, at the cost of American Ford Fundation.


4.On September 8 2005, Wang Zheng, Professor of  Women’s Study in Michigan University, U.S.A. lectured in HBC. The topic was Social Gender and the modernization of China.


5.On August 28 , 2005, the director, Luo XiaoGe attended the fourth World Conference on the 10th anniversary of women conference in Beijing.


6.On October 23 , 2005, Taiwan authoress Ms. Lan HuaiEn gave a lecture in HBC. The topic was A new-type sexual relations in the 21st century: Another kind of sex.

7.On February 1,2006, Women’s studies center in Hunan Business College started up Cross-Regional Cooperation:Constructing a Lecturers’Group of Hunan Women/Gender Studies.The grant number was 1065-0312, Project lasted from February 1, 2006 to January. 31th, 2008. Project Budget was $82000.

8. On Oct 3-6, 2007, being supported by Ford Foundation, Luo Xiaoge, Zhao Lan ,Xie Lifang, attended the conference of  Arts in Criminal Justice held in Philadelphia in USA by the invite from the conference.


9. liushouchildren  studies: http://liushouchildren.com/


10. Nu shu Studies:  http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/2305832410




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