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Xiaoge Luo, was born in Wu Han, China in 1952. Graduated from Hunan Normal University in 1981, she is currently a professor of department of the Chinese language and culture, Hunan Business College, as well as Syndic of Chinese Women’s Research Society (CWRS). Her current project is on Across-Region Cooperation: Constructing a Lecturers’ Group of Women/Gender Study in Hunan, sponsored by Ford Foundation.

Her research works covered many areas in women’s studies and the Chinese literature, which include gender education, women’s studies in local cultures and contemporary Chinese society, general theories on contemporary Chinese literature, etc.

In 2004 and 2007, she has been twice the visiting scholar of Hongkong Chinese University. From 2001 to 2006, she had been assistant director of Department of Chinese Language and Literature. Before she joined the Hunan Business College as a specially invited professor in 2001, she had been Editor in Chief of the Little Streams, a nationwide acclaimed Children’s reading magazine in China, for ten years. In 1996, as a member of Mainland Litterateur Delegacy to Taiwan, she visited Taiwan. In 1995, she participated in the World Conference on Women (WCW) in Beijing as the chairman of Hunan Women Culture and Communion Association and the researcher of Center for Women’s Studies at Peking University and gave the speech of Women in Chu Cultural Region in the NGO forum. The speech, later, was collected in Peking University Collection of World Conference on Women(English edition)and awarded the Excellent Works Prize by National Women's Association. Also the assistant director of Hunan Writers’ Association, syndic of Hunan Intellectual Association.

Beside academic work, she has been an active writer and poet. The main publication includes: poem collections: The Wind From The Countryside, The Dove Tree, The Housewife With An Empty Basket; essay collections: The Notebook of A Mother; The Quest On Gender, Nüshu (Women’s Writing) and Women In Chu Area, The Awkward Gentleness; and children’s literature: To Become a Tree. She also wrote the illustrative poems for Chinese Children Look at China, a picture book schemed by UNESCO in 1990.

The books she edited include: a series of textbooks on learning Chinese for Grade 1-6 at elementary school, New Concept Chinese Series, Hunan Children’s Book Publisher (2003); The Female Perspective (Vol.1-3), Hunan Normal University Press, (2000); and Women’s Studies, Hunan University Press (2004).

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